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Yamato Class Battle Cruiser

The Yamato is the latest addition to Japan's fleet, commissioning in early 2301, followed by the Minamoto Yoshitsune in 2303. Two more of the type are projected to join the fleet in 2305 and 2307. Yamato is the most advanced and expensive warship currently in existence.
Like the Sakurajima class, the Yamato is designed as a standoff combatant, and her main striking arm is her powerful wing of 8 Sakura (license-built Mistral) fighters and a missile battery of 24 Ritage-2 type missiles. The Sakura are missile armed and capable of carrying the Ritage-2 missile, in addition to the 24 missiles in her tubes the Yamato carries another 24 for the fighters, allowing for 3 alpha strikes. In order to extend her combat range she carries 2 Vue drones and dedicated remote pilots.
In close combat the Yamato is impressive. Passive defences include heavy screens and a thick belt of armour. Energy weapons are a pair of heavy particle beams, 6 double mount heavy lasers and 4 single mount lasers. This is reinforced with 8 Grapeshot launchers with 192 warheads
Currently Yamato is Flagship of the 2nd Combined Fleet, which has assumed responsibility for security in the Sol and Alpha Centauri systems. The Japanese government is extremely worried about committing her to the French Arm, and her battlegroup is the main reaction force in case of crisis elsewhere, or a renewed Kafer offensive.

Ship specifications

  • Mass: 23,364 tons
  • Warp efficiency: 3.01
  • Fuel: 1,000 tons
  • Range: 7.7 light years
  • Cargo Capacity: 5,000 m3
  • Crew: 650 (30 Bridge, 36 TAC, 30 Engineering, 420 troops, 30 small craft pilots and maintenance, 19 Flag, 65 stewards, 22 medical)
  • Passengers: None
  • Comfort: 0
  • Emergency Power: 120 hours
  • Total Life Support: 650 for 180 days
  • Cost: MLv1,353 (Fully armed and equipped)
Ship Status Sheet
  • Move: 6
  • Screens: 6
  • Radiated Signature: 4(7)
  • Radial Reflected: 8
  • Lateral Reflected: 10
  • Targeting Computers: +2
  • Armour: 6
  • Hull Hits: 200
  • Power Plant Hits: 130
  • Active: 15
  • Passive: 10
  • Other: 2 external slings
  • 2 x4 -3 PBWS in Jack Turrets w/UTES (2x 128)
  • 6 x2+1dbl Lasers in Masked Turrets w/UTES (2x 1234, 1x 2345, 1x 5678, 2x 1678)
  • 4 x1 Lasers in Masked Turrets w/UTES (2x 3456, 2x 4567)
  • 8 Grapeshot launchers (1x1 warhead, 24 rounds each)

Ordnance Load

  • 24 Ritage-2 missiles in 12 bays
  • 2 Voir drones in external slings

Sensors and Electronics

  • Spherical Active-15 and redundant
  • Spherical Passive-10 and redundant
  • Navigation Radar
  • DSS
  • Grav Scan
  • Advanced Life
  • Advanced Cartographic

Crew Hits

  • Bridge: Captain, Navigator, Helm, 4 Engineers, 4x Communications, 5x Computer
  • TAC: 12 Fire Control, 14 Remote Pilots, Active Operator, Passive Operator, 8 Flight Control

Damage Control: 30 (plus spares)

Class ships
IJS-BC01 Yamato Takeru ` 1st Combined Fleet (Earth)
IJS-BC02 Minamoto Yoshitsune `o 4th Combined Fleet (Joi)
IJS-BC03 Benkei ٌc (under construction)
IJC-BC04 Yamamoto Isoroku R{܏\Z (under construction)

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