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The Japanese Calendar

While the months and days are the same as the calendar used in most Western nations, the year is referred to in two ways. In commercial transactions and legal matters, for purposes of convenience, the Western date is generally used (there are frequent exceptions in documents written in Japanese, however). For almost all matters referring to uniquely Japanese events, however, the Reign Name is used. The first year that a new emperor (or empress) assumes the throne becomes Year 1 of that reign. 1989, therefore, was Heisei 1 (there was no Heisei 0, and Heisei 1 is identical to Showa 64 because of the overlapping Western dates). The year 2300 is therefore Uan 39.

The chart below shows the personal names and reigns of Japanese rulers since the close of the 20th century.

The current reign name of Uan means "peaceful universe," but the Kafer unfortunately made it impossible to achieve this dream.

1926-1989 Hirohito (—Tm) The Showa (º˜a) Emperor
1989-2005 Akihito (–¾m) The Heisei (•½¬) Emperor Hirohito's son
2005-2007 Naruhito (“¿m) The Reimei (êt–¾) Emperor Akihito's son
2007-2018 Fumihito (•¶m) The Washu (˜aF) Emperor Naruhito's brother
2018-2067 Narihito (¬m) The Shoho (¸–P) Emperor Fumihito's son
2067-2069 Yukihito (—R‹Mm) Regency by Yorihito (—Šm) Narihito's brother
2069-2100 Yukihito (—R‹Mm) The On'u (‰¸‰F) Emperor Narihito's son
2100-2146 Mikuru (–¢—ˆ) The Meisei (–¾¬) Emperor Yukihito's son
2146-2192 Sumiko (ŸŽq) The Myoten (–¾“V) Empress Mirai's daughter
2192-2231 Sumitoshi (Ÿ”N) The Shinki (S‹P) Emperor Sumiko's son
2231-2262 Sora (‹ó) The Kaku'u (Šg‰F) Emperor Sumitoshi's son
2262-present Hoshihito (¯m) The Uan (‰FˆÀ) Emperor Sora's son

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